Random Thoughts Series: “When the Sun Sets”

Where to spot the light when all that is around you is darkness? How to seek shelter when all is there is risk? And how to apply wisdom when all you are surrounded by is madness; and chaos is all you seem to see? 

When the world turns into a mad place, full of chaos, disorder and nothing seems to be going well, the world around us becomes darker, all the voices turn negative, and you become so close to losing faith in everything good but mostly in yourself.  

We could be harsh on ourselves, beyond measures. We could be our worst enemies; indeed, we actually are! But, why? Is it our uncontrollable desire for perfection, or is it our thirst for control? To have everything under control, everything should be in its right place. But what does that even mean?  

How could hope and despair be present within one soul? How could one person hold light and darkness within their mind? How is it possible that warmth and coldness coexist? How?  

Why are we so keen on finding answers to everything, and everything has to make some sense for us to believe?  

It is amazing that we do carry the aspiration for being a better version of ourselves. To seek opportunities and develop. To aspire, and aspire, and aspire even more. It is wonderful to have that amount of hope within us for a better us, a better we, and a better world.  

Human kind has been on this planet for more than tens of thousands of years (or a couple of million years, depending on what studies you choose to believe in). We built cities and empires, we made civilisations that faced destruction in various ways, and still raised out of despairs and built other advanced civilisations.  

Even though, we don’t seem to have learnt a lot from history; and yes, yet we keep repeating some of humanity’s worst mistakes; engaging in wars against each other, supressing freedom in its various and crucial forms. Regardless, as a human race we find our way through and rebuild our societies to fit within our collective aspirations as a race at a certain point of time. Only to face another threat that has the chance of bringing human kind together or leaving us more vulnerable to corrupt systems!        

I believe every challenge we face, as individuals as well as a human kind, is only a chance for us to evolve into something better. It’s our choice whether or not to evolve! While it might seem that sometimes we are deprived of having a choice; whether be it that the options presented to us don’t fit within our aspirations or live up to our desires; or whether it is our fear of being rebels against societal stigma, that makes us on a standstill point of life. No advancement, no development. Merely slaves to corrupt ideologies, and more dangerously prisoners of our own minds. 

On a more personal level, it might be our fear of failure, our fear of the unknown, the unpredictable, what lies in the horizon yet not to be seen. Which brings me back to my point of our secret affair with control and our deep desire of being able to feel power and control over our future when we completely know that nothing is certain. Our forever failing mission to find certainty is revolting in more ways than one. Why can’t we admit that nothing is certain, no matter how we hoped things are, they will remain uncertain? Despite the assurances we are given we simply cannot be certain about completely every single thing in our lives, even ourselves; we are in continuous evolvement in a manner which seems unstable and ironically uncertain.   

It is amazing how despite all of this, we still have faith in ourselves and those around us. We still give our trust to people we care about; we still love and allow ourselves to be loved. It is, I guess, what makes us human. Hope! Love! Faith! 

And here is from me; cause when the sun sets tomorrow, I won’t be losing hope in our humanity. Instead I would have made a progress in finding answers to some of my questions. Or it might be that it is just me being a complete hypocrite who’s eager for more control and rationality in the middle of a chaos. Either ways life is wonderful, it’s whether we choose to see it that way! 

It goes without saying, but be kind and don’t let anyone take that smile away! 🙂  

April Fools

Our human race has seen endless challenges, threats, and crisis. Global wars, famine, plagues, dictators etc. Regardless, we have not witnessed something that kept the media as busy and focused as it has been the case with the Coron-Virus (Covid-19). And I feel quite right when I say that, media has proved to be a great informative space and very effective in terms of showing us some of the positive sides to the Covid-19 crisis. Nonetheless, this has also proved to us that media is mainly dominated with what is much closer to home, and less of a political trouble!  

In my opinion, with every other global news the focus of the media kind of fades out with time passing after the occurring of a global incident. Maybe because the continuous focus on this particular news causes clashes of interest and its continuity might cause of a political unfriendliness between state A and state B which might lead to state A stopping buying some fighting jets and arms from state B. (I am completely not referring to the Saudi coalition and its allies, just to be clear. After all) a 130 per cent increase in Saudi’s arms import does not indicate anything AT ALL).   

Having said that, whether we’re going into the second, third or fourth week in quarantine, the lesson to be learnt is that to appreciate the things we have in life, our health, our freedom of movement, easy access to food, water and medicine, as well as seeing our friends and family whenever we wanted. Although, I am positive that we have appreciated all of that (or at least most of it) before, but now we get the taste of how does it actually feel when our rights, resources, and freedom are limited.  

And when we do so, how amazing would it be if we translated that new appreciation into actions that help our fellow humans around the globe.  Make it a reason to start campaigning for a fairer society where we live. Take it as a fuel in rising for civilians who fall as victims for non-discriminatory bombing.   

I have no doubt that as a human race we are very much capable of defeating the viruses spread around us no matter how stronger they come back haunting us! But are we strong enough to defeat the viruses fed into our minds, numbing our senses of what we can actually achieve as a unified race? Are we able to see and feel how is it to feel threatened, to fear on our lives and the lives of our beloved and dear ones, and relate to people around the world living in atrocities and injustice of all kind? Are we able to see the desperate need for us to rise as a united human race against everything that goes against our humanity? Are we able to rise against the corruption in our systems and demand for equality and fairness to be for everyone around the globe? 

In addition, to fully understand, that while the majority of us (hopefully) are in quarantine with people who we love and respect and who love us, respect us and treat us right. This makes us appreciate the fact that not everyone will be lucky enough. How many children would be stuck, in what supposed to be their homes, with abusive parent(s) or relatives? How many people are in quarantine with an abusive partner? And to keep in mind that we can help if we knew how to give the right support and help to people in these situations.      

The virus itself doesn’t pose as much of a scary thought in my mind as much as the consequences of the measures that governments around the world are taking. Nor the horrible situation that many people will be facing trapped with an abuser with limited help in hand.  

I can imagine how many of us, if not all, wish that this crisis was a sort of April Fools or anything of the like. But the reality (or at least as we are fed) we are in quarantine for indefinite time. But it’s not as much as those most vulnerable in these circumstances, battling an abuser, anxiety, hunger, and unemployment, and struggling to survive not the virus but all these other threatening factors.  

Finally, it is important to maintain that positivity, kindness, and humility within us. Nourish our sense of community and compassion. Believe that we as a human race are stronger when united, and that while maintaining ‘physical distances’, we remain strongly socially connected. Nothing can stand in the ace of humanity faith in a better tomorrow. And you know what? Don’t let anyone take that smile away! 🙂       

From Saudi With Love! Part 2: Women Behind the Wheels! Activists Behind the Bars!

I used to accompany my grandfather to almost everywhere he went, and one of my favourite places he used to take me to was the rural area of the eastern region, ‘Nariyah’. And whenever we went, I would see women driving their vehicles around alone (emphasis on alone). In rural areas, and small villages, women driving cars, vans, trucks, etc, was never something out of the ordinary! No police officer would stop a woman driving on her own, or question her, or arrest her for driving! To me that looked the usual whenever we went to any of the rural areas! 

Although, I on the other hand did not have the ability to drive myself around after I reached the legal age of driving (18 years of age). Regardless, I was taught how to drive, just in the case of an emergency. 

 As I grew up, I never understood the whole fuss about women not being allowed to drive!! There was no law that explicitly prohibits women driving in Saudi, yet it didn’t mean that women did have the right to drive either!

If we were discussing another country, where the rule of law applied (even to a slight extent), we surly would argue that if there was nothing in the law that prohibited women from driving, then all the arrests of women who drove -before the ban was lifted- are indeed unlawful and had no legal grounds. But we are not discussing a rule of law-abiding country, we are discussing a country where arbitrary arrest and torture is the punishment for anything that oppression and patriarchy finds threatening.     

On the other hand, all the religious excuses that were put forward to justify the prohibition of women driving are invalid! As there is nothing –either in Quran or the practice of Prophet Mohammed- that prohibits driving cars for women, since there were no cars at the time Islam as a religion started. In addition, Muslim women used to ride camels and horses as everyone did at that time. So, what makes cars any different? In conclusion to these arguments, the invalidity of the religious claims prohibiting women from driving is unchallengeable and I cannot see any place for any argument stating otherwise. 

Saudi introduced minor reforms on women’s rights, such as lifting the driving ban, with the ‘Royal’ decree in September 2017. Before then, women in Saudi mainly relied on a male family member or a chauffeur to drive them from one place to the other. Such options (albeit limiting) were not necessarily available or affordable to every woman. Many women do not have any male family member and even more do not have the financial capability to pay for a chauffeur. Therefore, unfairly, limiting their ability to carry their day-to-day life, their chances of obtaining a job or seeking further education. 

Many women activists, such as Loujain al-Hathloul and Aziza al-Yousef (to name a few), have been resisting the ban since the 1990’s. Taking it to the streets and driving in protests against the ban amongst other women’s rights issues. Despite lifting the ban on women driving, many of these activists still in detention facing more than 20 years imprisonment sentences, with limited access to a lawyer and reports of torture. 

It is in my opinion, that the hypocrisy of detaining the women activists who did not stop being resilient in demanding their rights, prior and after the announcement of these reforms, has only one meaning! It is a clear attempt to deter any further activism and human rights calls. And so, when the decree was announced and women in Saudi finally gained their right to drive and celebrate the little of basic rights they are entitled to, no space is left to thank and appreciate the heroism of the women’s rights activists. Instead, Al-Hthloul, Al-Youef and many more brave women were arbitrarily arrested, and left to face torture, with no coherent legal representation.  

It is a very clear massage to any woman, or man alike, that it matters not the call and the stand for human rights. What matters is what the ruler decides and only he to be thanked for any change, reform, or any further rights granted! And if, hypothetically speaking someone’s bravery decided to call for a change or stood up daring to claim their human rights (political, social, religious, or just their simple mobility right). Then, they shall face the same sad and brutal destiny, and left forgotten for years and years and only to be saved by a ‘Royal Pardon’! (massive eye rolling)       

Hence, to those hailing the so-called reforms on women’s rights in Saudi, remember that over the past few years and after the left of the ban, there are over a dozen of activists that remain in detention facing degrading, ill-treatment, and tortured with electric shocks, flogs, and sexually harassed for the mere fact that they were calling for their rights as people!   

The bottom line is that, oppression never succeed! No matter how long it persists, the day of its defeat shall come upon. Only then, true justice is served, and those who fought for it to prevail will always be remembered and honoured! 

*Top tip, if another ‘Royal’ decree comes to grant a drop of sand of our rights as a PERSON, we know who should we be thankful for!!! Right?!  

How Politics ACTUALLY Work!

Politics makes up the majority of my daily news read! I wake up with at least two or three notifications on my phone screen, because realistically the political world never sleeps. Although I managed to control the habit of reading news notification first thing in the morning -because, with complete honesty, most of what makes it to my news notifications is disappointing albeit some more than others. Regardless, keeping up with global political developments accommodate the top of my morning must to do list!  

Ongoing wars, chemical weapons and mass destructions still accruing while the rest of the world seems to live on another planet from that, but we will leave this fact aside for now. Let us focus for a minute on the developed world, where democracy is celebrated!! And I just want to say how much I am amazed with the transparency, openness, honesty of politicians in democratic systems such as America! A living example of how democracy should be served, in particular in the past few years!  

If you haven’t realised by now, clearly, I am being sarcastic! 

I want to focus on the recent President Trump’s impeachment trial. The end of the impeachment trial was what I really expected. Mr trump untouched! 

Proudly, Mr Trump noted that, and I quote, “I’ve done things wrong in my life, I will admit… but this is what the end result is,” as he held up a newspaper headlined “Trump acquitted”

I don’t know about you, but to me it seemed as if Trump was affirming the fact that he got away with the wrong things he has done. And shows me, that dishonesty in the political arena is rewarded by an acquittal. Which leaves my mind puzzled by the reality of our world, and the need for the general public, voters, citizens, and elected political members alike, to stand up and fight the corruption our governing systems normalised.      

I completely agree with Professor Jonathan Turley when he described the end result of the impeachment trial and agreeably stated that: 

“Trials often reflect societies and times – captured by jurors selected from the surrounding community. It is not surprising therefore that a jury composed of political representatives should perfectly mirror our politics.” 

By understanding that, I can only reach one conclusion! It is us, as a society -global and local- the only ones who can change the reality of the corrupt systems we live within!! Standing by is unfortunately not an option, if we really care about the path that our human race is taking!  

To that effect politics should not be all about manipulating the public, and deceiving them with empty promises. It is not about a certain party’s gain and interest, or anyone’s hidden agenda. Politics are about the way a country’s future is shaped. It is about a nation’s best interest, and humanity’s advancement. It is about building a nation that is compassionate, strong, united, full of humanity and empathy!  

Politicians should not be allowed to get away with lying to the general public, or not delivering their promises. The responsibility of this lays on; the general public who votes for political representatives; and representatives who have the ability to challenge and hold each other accountable on behalf of those who voted them in!  

The whole shift in the global political world makes me wonder what good a system is if there was no clear and just way of holding politicians accountable. But, after all it is back to the ‘people’ to hold politicians accountable. Which is something translated, in my opinion, in participating effectively in election and calling for political transforms to hold political representatives accountable to all their actions.   

Regardless where a system lay on the political compass, accountability is a crucial aspect in keeping people safe from the abuse of powers. And insuring the advancement of a nation and its future. 

And the statement made by Trump that “This should never happen to another president ever”, is a complete nonsense, madness, and a recipe for a failing Democracy.  

No president, political representative, or any person that holds a position at any of the branches of power, governing, judicial, or executive alike, should be safe from being held accountable or questioned on matters related to their position and responsibilities. Otherwise, we all will be heading to Dictatorship Avenue! Which reminds me of an earlier post, How Dictatorship Begins!      

From Saudi With Love! Part 1: Where Shall We Begin?!

I started the blog in the hope I would share some of my thoughts on different issues that are close to my heart! Human rights, global justice, and equality! As well as other aspects that I find interesting, human behaviour, self-motivation (and demotivation), and positivity amongst other things. 

Nonetheless, my main aim of starting this blog was to reflect and raise awareness of the human rights violations occurring around the globe. I wanted to share some of my own experience as a female who was born and raised on the beautiful sands of the Arabian Peninsula. The bitter and the sweet of being born as me! As an individual I never accepted the reality that I was less of a human being and although I did not show or spoke about that but I faught against the odds to be me, a human with a heart and soul. A person with a full capacity to think on my own.  

I promised that I would talk more about my experience as growing in Saudi Arabia, which you might have established by now that I don’t agree with the principle of being called ‘Saudi’ to begin with. 

Why? You ask!  

Simply because ‘Saudi’ is the name of the ruling body or family if you must. It is not the name of the land. Never was, never will be. My land is called the Arabian Peninsula, and it extends from the coasts of the Arabian Sea to the northern boarders with Jordan and Iraq. 

I was born and raised in the Eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula where I spent most of my life! My first 5 years of childhood were the best a child could have! But things changed the older I became! Society, fake religious claims, and an oppressive regime have already had my life written for me! 

And although, things might have changed since I left ‘Saudi’ but some of the issues, especially gender equality, remain the same.  

As a state and a governing body, Saudi has put itself on the naughty list of human rights abusers, who is carefully laying the floor as an established war criminal body. Nonetheless, for the time being, Saudi is still safe from being held responsible of any of these human rights abuses or international humanitarian law violations. 

Saudi, holds the second largest oil reserves in the world, and also second largest importers of Arms. Geographically, Saudi is located in a very strategic location in the so-called ‘Middle East’. In addition, and due to the fact that Makkah and Madina, (two of the holiest cities in Islam), Saudi holds an influencing position amongst Muslim states. 

So before I speak about me I want to focus on the bigger picture, and reached the decision to talk about the system and the society implemented as a result of the governing system before I talk about my experience as an individual. 

In this series, I will focus on the human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime internally and internationally. Focusing on one issue at a time (looks we’re hitting the 100 post sooner than I thought), I will, and as always, keep each post short.  

I would love if you shared your thoughts on the topic and if you wanted me to shed a light on a particular point, do please let me know! 

But until the next post, with all the love 


Random Thoughts Series: ‘Love is No Fairy-tale! It’s all Wagamama!’

She thought time will be the best healer, and she still in some way do! She also knew that we can’t easily forget what a person made us feel. Do we miss the person that provided us with the feeling or do we miss the feeling? She kept trying to find the answer. Needless to say, she had no success!  Or maybe she is not in the position to find an answer yet. 

She has never been in love and for the majority of her life she was convinced that such a feeling is just a mere delusion! Until recently, this was her argument.  

She never thought that she would allow herself to be a prisoner of such emotion, proud in her head that she is stronger than falling for anything! She thought she was a logical person who was never going to surrender her heart!  

And she was absolutely wrong! How did she know that? Because she finally felt it aching!  

Expressing her deep feelings was something she was never good at, even between her and herself she never knew what is it she was feeling when she sat opposite him eating her Harusame Noodles in a very hilarious way. What is it she was feeling when they watched ‘Mr. Deed’ laying on his bed? Or when they had that lovely walk around the lake! She thought she just liked him a little more than a friend and definitely she was attracted to him! 

What she knew is that the moment they decided to stop for their own reasons, she felt her heart aching in a completely different way! She thought it’s for the best for both of them and was very grateful that they can still be in each other’s lives from afar!  

Since then she had been waiting for that ache to lessen! And she thought it did, until she was asked out for dinner. It was a lovely romantic restaurant and she sat opposite her date, she felt that ach again and was doing her best to fight the tears.  

How much she hoped it was him and how much she wanted it to be at Wagamam’s where they usually met. She didn’t care what else they would be doing as long as they were in each other’s company. As long she heard his laugh that turns awkward sometimes but she still loved it! When he held her between his arms, she felt a warmth she never felt before. 

 And she knew at that moment that it wasn’t what he made her feel that made him special, but that it was him. Everything about him was amazing in her eyes, even his laziness or his workaholic life pattern. For her he was perfect but she knew it was probably the wrong time! Maybe they will be maybe they won’t, but she knew that she has to live with this ache for a while! At least she can tell her future self that she tried!  

What else can she do when fate is not on her side? He will always have a special place in her heart! 

For All The Samas!

Last Saturday, I watched the remarkable documentary ‘For Sama’ on channel 4. The documentary showed the Syrian revolution through the eyes of Waad Al- Kateab as a mother and as a woman.  

‘For Sama’, was Waad’s way of documenting to her daughter, Sama (which means ‘sky’ in Arabic), why Waad and her husband, Hamza, decided to remain in Aleppo and not flee like many of the Aleppo citizens did! It was the same reason the Syrian revolution started! Freedom! And to gain freedom back to the people of Syria, the Syrian people had to be resilient and not give into the threats imposed by any party trying to compromise the freedom of Syrian people. Sacrifices had to be made and most of them were very costly. But Waad and her husband alongside many of the Aleppo citizens were astonishingly strong in the face of all the destruction, attacks, targeting and the unmerciful siege. Standing up for their cause and freedom, documenting and reporting to the rest of the world the atrocities occurring on the ground against civilians. With no discrimination of its victims, air strikes were carried out on a regular basis. 

The documentary was heartbreaking, and you must be warned that the content is highly sensitive. By the end of the documentary my heart had mixed and complex o feelings. I was happy that Waad and her family made it to safety, but also shared Waad’s heartache of feeling that sacrifice was in vain.

The fact that many of the children in conflict areas only know the sky full of jet fighters; the sky for them is where those bombs come from is a brutal and bitter reality. Many of these children were born in the war and so for them the sound of explosions caused by air strikes is something of daily occurrence. Many of them can name the different kinds of weapons used for attacking their cities as well as identifying them, barrel bombs, Kalashnikovs, cruise missiles to chlorine gas. The first word some of these children could have said would be ‘strike’ or ‘siege’.    

On one hand, remaining in the midst of such unbearable situation as a parent could be seen as one of two things. ‘To leave the city would set the worst example to the children that it’s better to be selfish to run and save yourself’; on the other hand, by staying meant that you are ‘putting them through hell’ as Waad suggests in the documentary.    

I can hardly imagine the stress, and fear they must live in. Yet, their hope of an equal Syria, a free Syria is higher than those fighter jets could ever fly and deeper than those strikes could possibly reach. Many of Syrian people choose to stay in their homeland, in the cities the grew up in, on the sands they first learnt to walk over. And although the air is polluted with suffocating dust, poisoning chemicals, and deadly smoke caused by the daily airstrikes; they will never forget the sweet smell of the beautiful Ash-Shâm.  

I can imagine how hard it was for Waad to document some of the horrible moments of people being carried dead before they arrive to the hospital that Waad’s husband, Hamza, had established with others from Aleppo. But she felt that by reporting these magnified inhuman circumstances, it would lead to the international world reacting in the most human way there is. Millions around the world have joined Waad in the hope that, when the international world becomes aware of the miserable and cruel situation that civilians have been put through for the mere fact that they asked for their inherited right to be free, the appropriate measures will be taken to help those civilians. Instead, they were told that their only way to survive is to surrender. 

How devastating must it’ve been for them to leave their beloved Aleppo, not knowing for definite whether their children will have the opportunity to see their motherland! But the hope that they will be the ones building it remains in their hearts and souls no matter how far they went. 

One of the things I liked about the documentary, was that Waad showed the beautiful side that no siege or air strikes could ever kill.


The way people were hand in hand through the struggle. Each doing what they can to help others. The caring for friends, neighbours, and strangers was tremendous!  

Although, the situation in Aleppo was only getting worse, the laughs, the celebration of love and unity, and the lovely sense of humour people had never disappeared!  

But the reality is, that a nation can rise above all the destruction that have been made! Weapons can kill millions and demolish cities, but it could never kill the hope that a nation have of becoming free!  

Around the globe there are millions that are standing in the face of injustice and corruption! The sacrifices they go through are beyond imagination! The power these nations represent is extraordinary! 

Because, standing for what is humanly right and just is a strong feeling that makes us stronger than the weapons human kind invented. It is a higher level of power that cannot be reached or eliminated!    

It makes the sacrifices we made never go in vain no matter how long we have to wait!

The Harsh Reality About Love!

Extinction Rebellion

In short terms, love cannot stand on its own defeating the atrocities, the hunger, the suffering of the innocent, or our collapsing eco system. 

I have been following, like many people in the UK or elsewhere, the protests against the nearly non-existing environment policies, laws and practice! Two days ago, the Extinction Rebellion protestors in London took the protests to another level. Climbing on to trains at Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell in the early morning hours. Morning commuters did not take that easily and many of them resorted to dragging the protesters from the top of the train. Not only that but some of the angry commuters started kicking and hitting the said protestors as well, Elliot Laughlin, an independent journalist who was recording the incident.

Two things had puzzled me about the Extinction Rebellion incident above; 

1- The way that commuters dealt with the situation by resorting to violence.  

Now, I know that the whole idea of “disruption is necessary” to highlight an urging global threat might not be the best idea. But what does the commuters’ reaction, the kicking and the hitting, tell us about the behavior of some human beings?  

Was the delaying of the trains, and causing the commuters to arrive late to their jobs, justifying enough to the act of violence towards the protestors? Had there been no sensible and rational people, as well as the police, at that time stopping the aggression towards the activists and equally towards individual journalists such as Elliot Laughlin, things might have escalated really badly!! 

Then I remembered a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine about how people in certain moments do justify the resorting to violence as a matter of human nature! Do we sympathies with the protestors, who out of love have justified the ‘disruption’ or do we sympathies with the commuters who were concerned about getting to work that provides food for their children!! 

Are both wrong in the way they wanted to protect what each side thought more important? Or are both sides right of doing what have been done out of love to each side’s cause respectively?   

2- What one of the commuters said to one of the Extinction Rebellion activists setting in a protesting manner by the train: “we haven’t got the time to think about stuff”! 

Nonetheless, this is the reality!! We carry busy lives that makes thinking about other things seems impossible. Even if it was about the very planet we are living on! Even if it was about the suffering, the tragedies, the complete atrocities and inhumanity that is going on around the globe!  

Let us face it! We are very self-centered, but that is what our lives have become! Robotic! Emotionless! Inhumane! Our hearts might be aching for our fellow human beings in other parts of the world or even on our local streets! But what steps can we take to help! Our brains are washed to only follow the society’s standards of life! We, therefore, shall construct our lives as the following: get a job, preferably a 9 am –5 pm five days a week job; buy a house; get married and have kids…  

Please, do not take my words in the wrong way. Because I do not think that there is anything wrong with that! Instead, what I think is wrong is the following: not having much thought about the world you are going to bring your children into, the lessons you are going to teach them about humanity, the kind of miserable life to work yourself out for a job that pays you little to what you think is justified to the amount of work you do compared to the profit you generate! 

Again, I do not mean any disrespect by saying the above and I, for one, fall within that description trying to find my way as a human being rather than a profit generator for no particular good cause!  

I know it is because we love our families, or the ones we are responsible to provide for, and that is the reason for us keeping up with the exhausting hours at work! Love is the reason behind starting a family and bringing children to this world! But love is also the reason humanity will never die! Because our love for justice, our love for equality, our love for a safer and healthy eco system is the reason behind our rebellious, our resilience, our courage to stand against what is wrong! But it is never the reason behind violence or disruption! You see the reason behind that is FEAR!    

Fear is the reason behind using violence to shot peaceful protestors in the Middle East. Fear is the reason behind the Chinese concentration camps for Muslims. Fear is the reason behind the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and the targeting of civilians in Yemen. And it is fear the actual reason for ignoring these atrocities!! Fear to lose power! Fear of economic loss! Fear and just pure fear!  

Our love to what is humane, to what is just, is stronger than fear. That is why human beings never give up in the face of the wrong and the unjust! 

In short terms, love is only the fuel to our endless passion to a fairer and equal society, a just system, and a healthier safer environment for our next generations. It is the way we translate that passion into something meaningful, that advances our society and help protect what is important to the next generations, what really matters the most! 

Lots of love!  

Random Thoughts Series: “It’s October and That’s How I Know”

I don’t know whether it is the dull weather lately but I have been feeling a bit lazy and gloomy. My daily routine does not allow me the luxury to be lazy. With early long morning commute, I leave my house before the sunrise. Some days I love it because of the beauty represented in the sky and the refreshing early morning air, but most days I just wish I could stay in bed for an extra hour. I would not describe myself as a very active person, while I jug every now and then, practice self-defence weekly, and exercise when I feel like it, I would not run a quarter of a marathon. But once autumn starts, I get less energetic in terms of being outdoor and the idea of a cup of hot chocolate with cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a nice book in hand sounds more appealing! 

This year has gone by so fast and here we are three months away from yet another new year. Now, you may be better than me in realising the change of seasons, or maybe the ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ almost in every coffee shop has notified you of the beginning of the spooky season!!  

But for me, I realised that every autumn I go on a book shopping spree. Stocking for the upcoming longer nights leaving myself spoilt for choice. With being over excited about my expanding little library I almost never finish reading all the books I have before buying new ones. Not that I mind doing so, but I think that there is something more psychological behind the fact that some of us buy new books before even getting near reading all the books we already have. 

Every time I repeat the same behaviour, I question my relationship with literature almost to the point where I am considering prohibiting myself from buying more books until I am done with the ones I have.  Passing by a bookstore makes my hands itchy wanting to get one more, and I tell myself “just one more”. But why? When I have four unread books sitting on my shelf and realising that only in rare occasions that books get sold out!!!! 

 Few years ago, I tried buying an online copy of any book I fancied, and that didn’t last very long! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the convenience of having one device where I can access any of my chosen books without carrying them around. But I have to admit I love the feeling of a book between my hands, and the sensation of turning each page as I go by is unexplainably a wonderful one especially when reading a novel!   

Books are one of the most beautiful things that we create. Each have a whole world between its covers. The places a book can take us are far more than the destinations any other transport method does. What is even better, is the fact that no passport or boarders exist. Places where reality is a dream and dreams are reality. Where we can travel from one universe to the other freely and with no limits. The ways a book can thrill us are way better than a Halloween night in a spooky graveyard.  

Regardless, I cannot justify the overloading of my library!  Maybe reading all the unread books on my shelf before buying new ones should be on my next New Year resolution (rolling eye!!!) You know what? How about we don’t get on that topic just yet!?   

No One Is Above The Law and Other Lies!

If you have been following up the news lately, then you might have noticed the hypocrisy in the global system we currently live within. And if like me, you might have rolled your eyes over the political series of hypocrisy. 

In a not so surprising move, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson unlawfully suspended the Parliament, leaving the real possibilities of preventing him from acting unlawfully close to none.  

Similarly, in the US a formal impeachment investigation of the country’s President Donald Trump is being pushed ahead by the Democrats. In a statement, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Us House of Representatives, said that ‘no one is above the law’.  Although I consider myself as an optimist and as much as I want to believe that this is true, but the harsh reality is that no one is above the law except the powerful.      

The world we live in is pretty much controlled by the political sector which is ultimately controlled by a higher and stronger power, money!!! No existing political system is designed to deliver an absolute justice. No law is effectively protecting the weak and delivering justice. In reality the political world is full of manipulation, secret gains, and materialism.  

Lives does not matter when it comes to political and economic gain, which brings me to the other piece of news; 

A threat of war against Iran for an alleged attack that targeted a major oilfield in Saudi, with a possible US support, the US being on top of Saudi long allies for obvious reasons (not economical AT ALL!!!) 

While on the other hand, Saudi led coalition is still booming Yemen for more than four years leaving the country and its nation in complete despair.  

Now, I know that Saudi does not have the courage to go to war on its own neither without the support of its allies and reliance on arm trades. With Saudi being the second largest arms importer in the world, one can imagine the great economic loss to the arms industry if Saudi’s international humanitarian law violations were taken seriously and LAW was applied. 

Despite all the reports that have been produced over the last four years in relation to human rights violations committed by the Saudi led coalition, no action has been taken. And even after a court order banning the arm trade with Saudi, deals were still made and people got far above the law. The consequences are, you ask? Nothing! Not yet at least.  

We live in a complete delusion that law is above all and no one is above law. We think that peace is maintained but in fact peace is being breached every single time a blind eye is turned over the violations committed globally on a daily basis. 

There is no way that the continues arm trade with one of the biggest human rights violating states is considered a way of maintaining peace, when an entire nation is on the path of being wiped out completely and the innocent is left to suffer. 

The same state is not rolling out a declaration of war over an oilfield strike that produced no casualties or lost in lives. While Saudi is pressuring for political and economic sanctions over Iran, it remains free from being subject to any of the said sanctions even though the account of human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime is much higher than that of Iran (both nationally and on other territories including Yemen). Setting another example where the law does not apply. 

You see, those who do not see this as a clear hypocrisy and manipulation of power are the ones that I feel sorry for. Unfortunately, mankind has not invented reality specs yet.  

Feel free to disagree, but ‘no one above the law’ is a lie!