Random Thoughts Series: “When the Sun Sets”

Where to spot the light when all that is around you is darkness? How to seek shelter when all is there is risk? And how to apply wisdom when all you are surrounded by is madness; and chaos is all you seem to see? 

When the world turns into a mad place, full of chaos, disorder and nothing seems to be going well, the world around us becomes darker, all the voices turn negative, and you become so close to losing faith in everything good but mostly in yourself.  

We could be harsh on ourselves, beyond measures. We could be our worst enemies; indeed, we actually are! But, why? Is it our uncontrollable desire for perfection, or is it our thirst for control? To have everything under control, everything should be in its right place. But what does that even mean?  

How could hope and despair be present within one soul? How could one person hold light and darkness within their mind? How is it possible that warmth and coldness coexist? How?  

Why are we so keen on finding answers to everything, and everything has to make some sense for us to believe?  

It is amazing that we do carry the aspiration for being a better version of ourselves. To seek opportunities and develop. To aspire, and aspire, and aspire even more. It is wonderful to have that amount of hope within us for a better us, a better we, and a better world.  

Human kind has been on this planet for more than tens of thousands of years (or a couple of million years, depending on what studies you choose to believe in). We built cities and empires, we made civilisations that faced destruction in various ways, and still raised out of despairs and built other advanced civilisations.  

Even though, we don’t seem to have learnt a lot from history; and yes, yet we keep repeating some of humanity’s worst mistakes; engaging in wars against each other, supressing freedom in its various and crucial forms. Regardless, as a human race we find our way through and rebuild our societies to fit within our collective aspirations as a race at a certain point of time. Only to face another threat that has the chance of bringing human kind together or leaving us more vulnerable to corrupt systems!        

I believe every challenge we face, as individuals as well as a human kind, is only a chance for us to evolve into something better. It’s our choice whether or not to evolve! While it might seem that sometimes we are deprived of having a choice; whether be it that the options presented to us don’t fit within our aspirations or live up to our desires; or whether it is our fear of being rebels against societal stigma, that makes us on a standstill point of life. No advancement, no development. Merely slaves to corrupt ideologies, and more dangerously prisoners of our own minds. 

On a more personal level, it might be our fear of failure, our fear of the unknown, the unpredictable, what lies in the horizon yet not to be seen. Which brings me back to my point of our secret affair with control and our deep desire of being able to feel power and control over our future when we completely know that nothing is certain. Our forever failing mission to find certainty is revolting in more ways than one. Why can’t we admit that nothing is certain, no matter how we hoped things are, they will remain uncertain? Despite the assurances we are given we simply cannot be certain about completely every single thing in our lives, even ourselves; we are in continuous evolvement in a manner which seems unstable and ironically uncertain.   

It is amazing how despite all of this, we still have faith in ourselves and those around us. We still give our trust to people we care about; we still love and allow ourselves to be loved. It is, I guess, what makes us human. Hope! Love! Faith! 

And here is from me; cause when the sun sets tomorrow, I won’t be losing hope in our humanity. Instead I would have made a progress in finding answers to some of my questions. Or it might be that it is just me being a complete hypocrite who’s eager for more control and rationality in the middle of a chaos. Either ways life is wonderful, it’s whether we choose to see it that way! 

It goes without saying, but be kind and don’t let anyone take that smile away! 🙂  

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