April Fools

Our human race has seen endless challenges, threats, and crisis. Global wars, famine, plagues, dictators etc. Regardless, we have not witnessed something that kept the media as busy and focused as it has been the case with the Coron-Virus (Covid-19). And I feel quite right when I say that, media has proved to be a great informative space and very effective in terms of showing us some of the positive sides to the Covid-19 crisis. Nonetheless, this has also proved to us that media is mainly dominated with what is much closer to home, and less of a political trouble!  

In my opinion, with every other global news the focus of the media kind of fades out with time passing after the occurring of a global incident. Maybe because the continuous focus on this particular news causes clashes of interest and its continuity might cause of a political unfriendliness between state A and state B which might lead to state A stopping buying some fighting jets and arms from state B. (I am completely not referring to the Saudi coalition and its allies, just to be clear. After all) a 130 per cent increase in Saudi’s arms import does not indicate anything AT ALL).   

Having said that, whether we’re going into the second, third or fourth week in quarantine, the lesson to be learnt is that to appreciate the things we have in life, our health, our freedom of movement, easy access to food, water and medicine, as well as seeing our friends and family whenever we wanted. Although, I am positive that we have appreciated all of that (or at least most of it) before, but now we get the taste of how does it actually feel when our rights, resources, and freedom are limited.  

And when we do so, how amazing would it be if we translated that new appreciation into actions that help our fellow humans around the globe.  Make it a reason to start campaigning for a fairer society where we live. Take it as a fuel in rising for civilians who fall as victims for non-discriminatory bombing.   

I have no doubt that as a human race we are very much capable of defeating the viruses spread around us no matter how stronger they come back haunting us! But are we strong enough to defeat the viruses fed into our minds, numbing our senses of what we can actually achieve as a unified race? Are we able to see and feel how is it to feel threatened, to fear on our lives and the lives of our beloved and dear ones, and relate to people around the world living in atrocities and injustice of all kind? Are we able to see the desperate need for us to rise as a united human race against everything that goes against our humanity? Are we able to rise against the corruption in our systems and demand for equality and fairness to be for everyone around the globe? 

In addition, to fully understand, that while the majority of us (hopefully) are in quarantine with people who we love and respect and who love us, respect us and treat us right. This makes us appreciate the fact that not everyone will be lucky enough. How many children would be stuck, in what supposed to be their homes, with abusive parent(s) or relatives? How many people are in quarantine with an abusive partner? And to keep in mind that we can help if we knew how to give the right support and help to people in these situations.      

The virus itself doesn’t pose as much of a scary thought in my mind as much as the consequences of the measures that governments around the world are taking. Nor the horrible situation that many people will be facing trapped with an abuser with limited help in hand.  

I can imagine how many of us, if not all, wish that this crisis was a sort of April Fools or anything of the like. But the reality (or at least as we are fed) we are in quarantine for indefinite time. But it’s not as much as those most vulnerable in these circumstances, battling an abuser, anxiety, hunger, and unemployment, and struggling to survive not the virus but all these other threatening factors.  

Finally, it is important to maintain that positivity, kindness, and humility within us. Nourish our sense of community and compassion. Believe that we as a human race are stronger when united, and that while maintaining ‘physical distances’, we remain strongly socially connected. Nothing can stand in the ace of humanity faith in a better tomorrow. And you know what? Don’t let anyone take that smile away! 🙂       

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