How Politics ACTUALLY Work!

Politics makes up the majority of my daily news read! I wake up with at least two or three notifications on my phone screen, because realistically the political world never sleeps. Although I managed to control the habit of reading news notification first thing in the morning -because, with complete honesty, most of what makes it to my news notifications is disappointing albeit some more than others. Regardless, keeping up with global political developments accommodate the top of my morning must to do list!  

Ongoing wars, chemical weapons and mass destructions still accruing while the rest of the world seems to live on another planet from that, but we will leave this fact aside for now. Let us focus for a minute on the developed world, where democracy is celebrated!! And I just want to say how much I am amazed with the transparency, openness, honesty of politicians in democratic systems such as America! A living example of how democracy should be served, in particular in the past few years!  

If you haven’t realised by now, clearly, I am being sarcastic! 

I want to focus on the recent President Trump’s impeachment trial. The end of the impeachment trial was what I really expected. Mr trump untouched! 

Proudly, Mr Trump noted that, and I quote, “I’ve done things wrong in my life, I will admit… but this is what the end result is,” as he held up a newspaper headlined “Trump acquitted”

I don’t know about you, but to me it seemed as if Trump was affirming the fact that he got away with the wrong things he has done. And shows me, that dishonesty in the political arena is rewarded by an acquittal. Which leaves my mind puzzled by the reality of our world, and the need for the general public, voters, citizens, and elected political members alike, to stand up and fight the corruption our governing systems normalised.      

I completely agree with Professor Jonathan Turley when he described the end result of the impeachment trial and agreeably stated that: 

“Trials often reflect societies and times – captured by jurors selected from the surrounding community. It is not surprising therefore that a jury composed of political representatives should perfectly mirror our politics.” 

By understanding that, I can only reach one conclusion! It is us, as a society -global and local- the only ones who can change the reality of the corrupt systems we live within!! Standing by is unfortunately not an option, if we really care about the path that our human race is taking!  

To that effect politics should not be all about manipulating the public, and deceiving them with empty promises. It is not about a certain party’s gain and interest, or anyone’s hidden agenda. Politics are about the way a country’s future is shaped. It is about a nation’s best interest, and humanity’s advancement. It is about building a nation that is compassionate, strong, united, full of humanity and empathy!  

Politicians should not be allowed to get away with lying to the general public, or not delivering their promises. The responsibility of this lays on; the general public who votes for political representatives; and representatives who have the ability to challenge and hold each other accountable on behalf of those who voted them in!  

The whole shift in the global political world makes me wonder what good a system is if there was no clear and just way of holding politicians accountable. But, after all it is back to the ‘people’ to hold politicians accountable. Which is something translated, in my opinion, in participating effectively in election and calling for political transforms to hold political representatives accountable to all their actions.   

Regardless where a system lay on the political compass, accountability is a crucial aspect in keeping people safe from the abuse of powers. And insuring the advancement of a nation and its future. 

And the statement made by Trump that “This should never happen to another president ever”, is a complete nonsense, madness, and a recipe for a failing Democracy.  

No president, political representative, or any person that holds a position at any of the branches of power, governing, judicial, or executive alike, should be safe from being held accountable or questioned on matters related to their position and responsibilities. Otherwise, we all will be heading to Dictatorship Avenue! Which reminds me of an earlier post, How Dictatorship Begins!      

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