From Saudi With Love! Part 1: Where Shall We Begin?!

I started the blog in the hope I would share some of my thoughts on different issues that are close to my heart! Human rights, global justice, and equality! As well as other aspects that I find interesting, human behaviour, self-motivation (and demotivation), and positivity amongst other things. 

Nonetheless, my main aim of starting this blog was to reflect and raise awareness of the human rights violations occurring around the globe. I wanted to share some of my own experience as a female who was born and raised on the beautiful sands of the Arabian Peninsula. The bitter and the sweet of being born as me! As an individual I never accepted the reality that I was less of a human being and although I did not show or spoke about that but I faught against the odds to be me, a human with a heart and soul. A person with a full capacity to think on my own.  

I promised that I would talk more about my experience as growing in Saudi Arabia, which you might have established by now that I don’t agree with the principle of being called ‘Saudi’ to begin with. 

Why? You ask!  

Simply because ‘Saudi’ is the name of the ruling body or family if you must. It is not the name of the land. Never was, never will be. My land is called the Arabian Peninsula, and it extends from the coasts of the Arabian Sea to the northern boarders with Jordan and Iraq. 

I was born and raised in the Eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula where I spent most of my life! My first 5 years of childhood were the best a child could have! But things changed the older I became! Society, fake religious claims, and an oppressive regime have already had my life written for me! 

And although, things might have changed since I left ‘Saudi’ but some of the issues, especially gender equality, remain the same.  

As a state and a governing body, Saudi has put itself on the naughty list of human rights abusers, who is carefully laying the floor as an established war criminal body. Nonetheless, for the time being, Saudi is still safe from being held responsible of any of these human rights abuses or international humanitarian law violations. 

Saudi, holds the second largest oil reserves in the world, and also second largest importers of Arms. Geographically, Saudi is located in a very strategic location in the so-called ‘Middle East’. In addition, and due to the fact that Makkah and Madina, (two of the holiest cities in Islam), Saudi holds an influencing position amongst Muslim states. 

So before I speak about me I want to focus on the bigger picture, and reached the decision to talk about the system and the society implemented as a result of the governing system before I talk about my experience as an individual. 

In this series, I will focus on the human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime internally and internationally. Focusing on one issue at a time (looks we’re hitting the 100 post sooner than I thought), I will, and as always, keep each post short.  

I would love if you shared your thoughts on the topic and if you wanted me to shed a light on a particular point, do please let me know! 

But until the next post, with all the love 


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