Random Thoughts Series: “It’s October and That’s How I Know”

I don’t know whether it is the dull weather lately but I have been feeling a bit lazy and gloomy. My daily routine does not allow me the luxury to be lazy. With early long morning commute, I leave my house before the sunrise. Some days I love it because of the beauty represented in the sky and the refreshing early morning air, but most days I just wish I could stay in bed for an extra hour. I would not describe myself as a very active person, while I jug every now and then, practice self-defence weekly, and exercise when I feel like it, I would not run a quarter of a marathon. But once autumn starts, I get less energetic in terms of being outdoor and the idea of a cup of hot chocolate with cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a nice book in hand sounds more appealing! 

This year has gone by so fast and here we are three months away from yet another new year. Now, you may be better than me in realising the change of seasons, or maybe the ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ almost in every coffee shop has notified you of the beginning of the spooky season!!  

But for me, I realised that every autumn I go on a book shopping spree. Stocking for the upcoming longer nights leaving myself spoilt for choice. With being over excited about my expanding little library I almost never finish reading all the books I have before buying new ones. Not that I mind doing so, but I think that there is something more psychological behind the fact that some of us buy new books before even getting near reading all the books we already have. 

Every time I repeat the same behaviour, I question my relationship with literature almost to the point where I am considering prohibiting myself from buying more books until I am done with the ones I have.  Passing by a bookstore makes my hands itchy wanting to get one more, and I tell myself “just one more”. But why? When I have four unread books sitting on my shelf and realising that only in rare occasions that books get sold out!!!! 

 Few years ago, I tried buying an online copy of any book I fancied, and that didn’t last very long! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the convenience of having one device where I can access any of my chosen books without carrying them around. But I have to admit I love the feeling of a book between my hands, and the sensation of turning each page as I go by is unexplainably a wonderful one especially when reading a novel!   

Books are one of the most beautiful things that we create. Each have a whole world between its covers. The places a book can take us are far more than the destinations any other transport method does. What is even better, is the fact that no passport or boarders exist. Places where reality is a dream and dreams are reality. Where we can travel from one universe to the other freely and with no limits. The ways a book can thrill us are way better than a Halloween night in a spooky graveyard.  

Regardless, I cannot justify the overloading of my library!  Maybe reading all the unread books on my shelf before buying new ones should be on my next New Year resolution (rolling eye!!!) You know what? How about we don’t get on that topic just yet!?   

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