No One Is Above The Law and Other Lies!

If you have been following up the news lately, then you might have noticed the hypocrisy in the global system we currently live within. And if like me, you might have rolled your eyes over the political series of hypocrisy. 

In a not so surprising move, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson unlawfully suspended the Parliament, leaving the real possibilities of preventing him from acting unlawfully close to none.  

Similarly, in the US a formal impeachment investigation of the country’s President Donald Trump is being pushed ahead by the Democrats. In a statement, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Us House of Representatives, said that ‘no one is above the law’.  Although I consider myself as an optimist and as much as I want to believe that this is true, but the harsh reality is that no one is above the law except the powerful.      

The world we live in is pretty much controlled by the political sector which is ultimately controlled by a higher and stronger power, money!!! No existing political system is designed to deliver an absolute justice. No law is effectively protecting the weak and delivering justice. In reality the political world is full of manipulation, secret gains, and materialism.  

Lives does not matter when it comes to political and economic gain, which brings me to the other piece of news; 

A threat of war against Iran for an alleged attack that targeted a major oilfield in Saudi, with a possible US support, the US being on top of Saudi long allies for obvious reasons (not economical AT ALL!!!) 

While on the other hand, Saudi led coalition is still booming Yemen for more than four years leaving the country and its nation in complete despair.  

Now, I know that Saudi does not have the courage to go to war on its own neither without the support of its allies and reliance on arm trades. With Saudi being the second largest arms importer in the world, one can imagine the great economic loss to the arms industry if Saudi’s international humanitarian law violations were taken seriously and LAW was applied. 

Despite all the reports that have been produced over the last four years in relation to human rights violations committed by the Saudi led coalition, no action has been taken. And even after a court order banning the arm trade with Saudi, deals were still made and people got far above the law. The consequences are, you ask? Nothing! Not yet at least.  

We live in a complete delusion that law is above all and no one is above law. We think that peace is maintained but in fact peace is being breached every single time a blind eye is turned over the violations committed globally on a daily basis. 

There is no way that the continues arm trade with one of the biggest human rights violating states is considered a way of maintaining peace, when an entire nation is on the path of being wiped out completely and the innocent is left to suffer. 

The same state is not rolling out a declaration of war over an oilfield strike that produced no casualties or lost in lives. While Saudi is pressuring for political and economic sanctions over Iran, it remains free from being subject to any of the said sanctions even though the account of human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime is much higher than that of Iran (both nationally and on other territories including Yemen). Setting another example where the law does not apply. 

You see, those who do not see this as a clear hypocrisy and manipulation of power are the ones that I feel sorry for. Unfortunately, mankind has not invented reality specs yet.  

Feel free to disagree, but ‘no one above the law’ is a lie! 

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