Suicide Prevention Day

Life is hard! It’s that simple! It’s that complicated! 

Life is tough and the reality is sometimes it could get unbearable!   

Every time I go through life’s tough and testing times, I always go back to the best moments of my life. The times when I was just a little girl, with little care in the world hand in hand with my grandfather (may God bless his sole) where ever he went. The endless love and kindness he represented is one of the things that give me hope that life is not always tough! That there is kindness in people, and that I don’t have to give up my own kindness to combat whatever life throws at me.  

And I came to believe, that there is a reason for everything. And so, every time I feel that life is beating me down, I rise and search for what I meant to be learning from this bad experience! No matter how hard it is, I keep that knowledge that if I wasn’t strong enough to defeat that hardship, I would not have been put against it!  

Life is full of ups and downs! I lost count of the times I thought I can’t handle life and that it was unfair to be going through that point! But I passed it when I actually thought it was impossible for me to do so.   

You have probably gone through similar emotions, when you thought that life is collapsing around you and you weren’t made strong enough to handle it. You’ve probably been through moments in life where everything but life seemed like a good option to you! Nonetheless, you’ve passed through it! You made it! And believe me if you weren’t strong enough you would not be standing trying to make sense of what is it you are going through! 

We’re all made different, and the way we deal with these emotions vary from one to the other. Look for yours, and try and to find the first step to combat that dark thought! Would crying make it less painful? Then cry! Do you just want someone to listen to you? Then look around you and I am sure you will find at least one person that is more than willing to lend you an ear!    

Remember that there are people in this world that care about you and love you for your good and for your worse. There are those who are around you, and who will give you their time gladly to listen with an open heart, mind and no judgment. Look closely and you will find them! Let them reach you and you to them! Open your heart a little bit at a time, there is no hurry in the world to rush your emotions!  

In fact, we all need to learn how to spot the signs of depression in ourselves and in those around us, our family, friends, colleagues … Lend an ear and some of your time, without judgment and just listen! Because one day you might need the same. 

Sometimes all we need is an open-minded person, a friendly voice, and a heart with no judgment. And these all are easy to be given and could go a long way.   

It is absolutely understandable and NORMAL, to be in a dark place at some point in your life! And you don’t need to search for the light! Oh, no! All you have to do is slightly open those beautiful eyes, and you will see it!  

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows! (I mean, have you seen the weather lately!!) Besides, if it wasn’t cloudy and rainy sometimes, how are we meant to see the rainbows! 

Life is beautiful! When you “Be You To Full”! Life is beautiful with you in it! 

In your own time!     

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