How Dictatorship Begins!

When I think of the atrocities occurring globally on a daily basis, and how horrifying it is to be witnessing these violations with so little to do! I think, how could that have occurred? How is it that people are willing to turn on each other, kill and torture with such inhumanity?   

Knowing fully, as it is the case with anything in this life, that this is a matter of process and never could be a sudden occurrence! Do you genuinely believe that a person, a dictator, out of the blue would become a leader and have the ability to conquer an entire nation to do as he or she demands?  

It is a simple, yet a very complicated and dangerous formula! Propaganda, greed, fear, justification of that which should never be justified, and silence! 

A dictator is helpless and powerless without those who carry out his/her orders and never question them. And so, they are not only aiders to that oppression but they are (individually) oppressors!  

The prison guard that holds the innocent in because they spoke against the injustice or protested peacefully, is an oppressor. The ones holding their weapons and pointing them towards the innocent, are oppressors! The one carrying the prosecution that is based on the whim of the ruler and only serves the purpose of that ruler, is an oppressor!  

The ones providing or trading arm weapons with an oppressor are oppressors in their own initiative! And equally as guilty (if not more, in my humble opinion.)  

Apply this to every global issue and you will find that the circle, of those guilty of the atrocities we witness today, is huge and includes almost every state leader, government, arms and security company, etc. An almost endless list that make it seem that we are on a ‘no turning back’ point, and make our surrender easier than our resilience! 

Each time we stand silent in the face of injustice, inequality, oppressive behaviour, and inhumanity; not only we allow that dictatorship to be born but we advance it, we grow it a bit by bit further! In a way we become our own oppressors! 

Our daily life might make it hard, difficult, and sometimes impossible for us to focus on other issues that have a greater impact on our future (near or far)! At the end of the day, each one has to find their way of making a living, establishing themselves, having a family… And yes, it is very (very very) hard to focus on all of the global issues we have, global warming and pollution, civil wars, oppression, hunger, inequality etc. But, I believe, that we are brainwashed to think that all of us as individuals can only do little and so the power of our unity collapses and we end up having more issues tomorrow than we had yesterday! Consequently, that believe deepens tomorrow and so on and so forth! 

Dictatorship begins where a nation is fearful AND silent! Without a silent nation a dictator has no chance of existence! As such, for an oppressor to exist there has to be an act of oppression if succeeded a dictatorship not only begins but also thrives! 

So, let us speak up! Let us take actions! Let us stand for what really matters! Our lives, our rights, our environment, and that of the generations to come!  

Most importantly do not be an oppressor! Do not be an aider!  


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