Random Thoughts Series: “Forgiveness!”

A man saw a snake burning to death, so he reached with his hand to help the snake out of the fire. The snake bit the man causing the man to drop the snake which fell right back into the fire. The man then reached with a stick to get the snake out of the fire again and saved its life.  

Someone who was watching that happening questioned the man and said “the snake bit you, and you could’ve just let it burn!” the man then replied “It’s the nature of the snake to bite, but that’s not going to change my nature, which is to help!” 

Many of us and at some point in our lives go through some difficult times, we get hurt or (God forbid) someone else gets hurt by us, our words, or actions.  

The way we deal with these emotions varies from a person to the other. But, do we ever forgive? Do we completely move on? When we leave these situations, do we leave the past completely behind us? Or do the negative emotions come back to haunt us every once in a while? 

It is completely understandable, in my opinion, that sometimes it is hard to completely forgive those who hurt us. And, equally reasonable to have the negative feelings visiting again. At the same time, a negative feeling is a negative feeling, that only impacts the person holding on to it. 

In my belief, we don’t ‘get over’ someone or over the fact that we got hurt. But if we are lucky and strong enough, we adapt to that feeling and learn to channel our energy and emotions to appreciate every good moment in our lives. We learn to trust again, and most importantly to trust in ourselves.    

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes downs more than ups, but living it trapped in the past and its miserable emotions will only waste the time of our present and delay the brilliant future we meant to have.  

There are no guarantees in life that we shall never get hurt again. We need to accept that risk in everything we take, merely because we have confidence in ourselves that we are capable of dealing with every situation we go through, good or bad, in the best way possible. 

Being hurt should not impact our present life, and if it does then we should learn gradually to release ourselves from that pain. Having said that, we need our time to heal and we can definitely do that while going about our lives and growing.  

As a self-defence mechanism, we might choose to lock our hearts and emotions in a bulletproof box and throw it in the deepest oceans (where probably we are going to hire a mythical beast or two!!) But think of the endless possibilities of happiness that our fate is holding for us.  

Take your time in healing and if you are lucky to have people around you that will be more than willing to lend an ear that listens, a shoulder to cry on, or deep hearted and honest pep talk with no single judgment, then give them the chance to be there for you!  

Life is all about give and take, and endless amazing possibilities that would be of a great shame to miss!  

Search for that positive self within you and you shall see how incredible it is what you could do and achieve if you channel your energy correctly. Love yourself with all your flaws and learn to accept that the past belongs to the past. And all those who hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, belong there too.  

And just out of curiosity, what mythical beast would you choose??   

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