Hello and welcome to my blog! 

In this blog I aim to reflect on current human rights issues (spoiled for choice? I know!!) I do not intend to make matters complicated more than they are, rather I like to reflect in simplicity. Yet, I won’t promise that it will always be the case.

Human Rights is a very crucial topic to our day-to-day life, yet you will be surprised how many of us out there know little about them. In some (so-called) democratic states, they are taken for granted and not used to their full potential. In other parts of the world they remain a dream, a fantasy, a cause that people fight for (come on you don’t need me to tell you about this, Right?). 

My passion for the human rights field in general, perhaps, comes from my own background as a Middle Eastern female that had seen some of the awful consequences of speaking one’s mind outload in one of the most undemocratic states on our planet, Saudi Arabia. (I will talk about this in a feature post. I promise!!)  

After long contemplation, I thought “why not share my passion for this topic with likeminded people and expand the discussion as much as possible?” And so here we are! 

In this blog I will also write on our daily social life and some of my random thoughts that I hope you find interesting. I aim to post frequently on a week to week basis, so keep an eye and subscribe if you wish to be updated. 

So, go on have a read and share your thoughts. Any constructive criticism is always welcome! 

Many thanks for your time, 


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  1. Hi Shrooq, I can’t wait to hear more the topic!
    Very interested to hear about your perspective!

    Staying tuned!


    Liked by 1 person

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